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Hiring experts since 2003

Here at Time to Hire Corporation, we know how difficult it is to find and hire the right employee, especially commission-only salespeople, because we’ve been there. That’s exactly why Chad Bronstein, President and Founder, created this uniquely designed service. He wanted to find his clients qualified hires in the most effective way possible—just as if he were searching for candidates for his own business.

Time to Hire Corporation has connected over 4,000 small businesses and large enterprises across the USA with quality sales representatives. We specialize in finding candidates for any type of sales: door-to-door sales, in-home sales, outside sales, inside sales, and sales management. In addition, we can find any type of candidate, sales or otherwise as long as their resume is online.  We can search for candidates near you, in multiple areas or nationwide.

We recruit many different types of salespeople, including Home Improvement, Energy Deregulation, Merchant Services, Advertising, Insurance, Automotive, Financial, Real Estate, Technology, and many others.

Why we’re different

If you’ve ever posted a job online, you know it can take weeks to start getting results. Anyone can submit their resume which often results in many unqualified applicants. With us, it is much easier—we’ll set up your campaign and get your phone ringing in as little as 24 hours. The candidates that contact you will be much more qualified. In addition, you won’t find a better guarantee anywhere else.

Meet the Staff

Time to Hire has mastered efficiency and hard work. We have a committed team that brings quality service and a best foot forward attitude to everything we do for our clients. Meet the friendly experts that manage our excellent recruitment staff.

Chad Bronstein / President and Founder

Chad founded Time To Hire Corporation in 2003 after a brief stint in the insurance industry. He’d found that finding and hiring 100% commission only salespeople was the most difficult problem he faced in building his sales team. Chad spent thousands of dollars in advertising on various job boards, newspapers and job fairs but the results were always mixed. He recognized the need for commission-only sales reps in other industries, and thus the concept of Time To Hire was born. While his initial clients were mainly in the insurance industry, Time To Hire now serves all types of companies and job titles, even most non-sales roles. Chad is an avid cyclist who loves natural settings and cooking for his lovely wife. His favorite TV show is Harley Quinn on HBO.

Dmitry Kalmykov / Client Relations Director

Dmitry was born in Odessa, in the former USSR and emigrated to the US as an economic refugee after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Currently he resides in Illinois. He holds a BA in liberal arts and an MA in rhetoric. He also holds honorary degrees in a few combat sports including boxing and hand to hand combat. Sambo is his favorite. Dmitry is a published writer, has been a presenter at several academic conferences, and to top all that, has worked on commercially released films. In his spare time he enjoys coaching wrestling and self-defense, as well as various kinds of literature. Dmitry’s favorite movie is “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and his favorite book is “The Devils” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

What our clients say

"Working with Time To Hire has been great and nothing compares! We have gotten so many quality applicants and have even hired two door to door salespeople It was easy and fast."

Garry Crain
Advanced Water Systems

"We started our Campaign on a Monday and had a fantastic response. We made two offers to inside sales people and will definitely be using Time To Hire again."

Brian Shaddock
Perfect Vision Manufacturing

"We had more advertising sales people than we could imagine and didn't even get to speak to all of them yet. These are truly seasoned professionals, exactly what we were looking for. We have hired 3 people so far and are still scheduling interviews.

Katia Mukminova

"There is no need to continue the campaign. Your service is mind-bogglingly thorough. I have the outside sales rep that I need. I recommend Time To Hire for recruiting sales reps."

Pete Willis

"The responses from qualified outside sales candidates was phenomenal. If you are looking to find sales reps, this is it."

Lori Hein
Medi Marketing

"The service was great for recruiting sales rep! I am busy filling five positions and will call you tomorrow."

Regina Miller
Vanco Payment Solutions

"We were looking to hire an advertising sales agent in the promotional media area. We hired 6 solid ad sales reps using this service."

Lori Hein
Medi Marketing

"We were very pleased with the amount of door to door salespeople they sent out way."

Kyle Crabtree
Slingshot Door to Door Marketing

"In no time at all, Time To Hire delivered dozens of fully qualified commission based salespeople that met my exact qualifications. Time To Hire is quick, cost efficient, and an excellent value."

Carl Hicks

"If you're looking for door to door salespeople, Time to Hire is awesome - they definitely helped us. Hiring sales people has never been easier."

Coulton Woods
Dish One