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"We were looking to recruit sales reps and within a few days they pinpointed exactly what I needed and they are very specific as far as the qualifications that I was looking for, and as a result I was able to hire 4 very talented commission sales people."

Keith Manning

Billboard Connection

"Time to Hire has a really unique system to hire sales people. We went ahead and ran some ads with them, and they immediately helped me find a salesman. As a matter of fact I could run an ad today and have calls tomorrow from merchant services sales people."

Kevin Hudson

Heritage Payment Solutions

"What I really, really like with their sales staff hiring is the customer service. It's quick and easy. When they say the calls come in - they really do come in. It's great when salespeople needed."

Ron Yorrick


"We needed to hire sales staff immediately. The moment my campaign launched, my phone would not stop ringing with door to door salespeople. Definitely a great service."

Ronnie Cuellar

Go Satellite

"In this world of overpromises and under-delivering, there is one company that is great to work with when recruiting sales reps. I'm talking about Time to Hire. They did everything they said they would do, on time and under budget. Recruiting a sales rep has never been easier."

Steve Meitzen

MCC Healthcare

"We need sales reps and enlisted Time To Hire to assist us with some of our call center sales representatives. We had great success in identifying anywhere between 8-10 hires per market where we used their resources."

Suzanne Sellers

Time Warner Cable

"We've used Time to Hire for campaigns in different states to find commission sales reps. With these campaigns our phones have been ringing off the wall and we have found very qualified commission only sales rep candidates for these positions."



"I've had 22 calls that I was able to field so far from commission sales reps. It's a great way to hire canvassers."

Roger Staich

VIP 750

"My phone rang off the hook when I needed sales reps. It's been six weeks and I still haven't returned all the calls and it's a great way to find a salesperson. It was very professional, great results."

Mike Machuga

Urban Luxury Vinyl

"Hiring is a very important part of owning a small business and it takes a lot of time to find qualified sales candidates. Time to Hire helps recruit sales people. At any given time I can give them a call, they'll put 400 or 500 qualified door to door salespeople at my fingertips."

Matt Drews

Esio Water and Beverage

"We were looking for sales people and I think most of the people read that in the email, and so that's good. It did weed out people, and pretty much every time I get on the phone and talk to somebody about the opportunity, they want to hear more."

Mari-Ann Jennings

Heartland Payment Systems

"I'm pleased to say that we had a tremendous experience with Time to Hire as far as recruiting sales reps. Not only did they produce high quality sales candidates, their services really allowed us to save time and be more efficient in our recruiting process to recruit sales people."

Kim "Max" White

Dental Support Plus

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