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"We were looking for sales people and Time to Hire has been great. The quality of the sales applicants was amazing. The customer service was great and we were able to hire two new door to door salespeople within our first week."


Advanced Water Systems

"We need sales reps and ran a two day campaign, I got 30-40 calls. Door to Door salespeople were calling me. I was able to filter them before setting up one to one interviews. The service was great and I'm doing another campaign in a bigger city."

Fred Holder

Green Form Roofing

"I am responsible for hiring 100% commission only sales people and recruiting sales reps. Time To Hire has been instrumental to our success and recruitment strategy. When traditional sales recruiting methods aren't working, we pull the fire alarm, and that fire alarm for us is Time To Hire."

Anita Ellison


"Time To Hire has come through far above every other site we've attempted. I highly recommend Time to Hire for hiring salespeople as they've been effortless to work with, they're very punctual, and they help you to understand the process and what to expect when recruiting sales reps."

Eric Schickel

Safe and Sound Security Systems

"I've tried Monster, Careerbuilder and LinkedIn to recruit sales people but its' been completely inconsistent. I've run three campaigns with Time To Hire. Outside Sales Reps are calling me who are qualified and it's really helped me hire 100% commission only sales reps. As soon as you use Time To Hire, your phone is ringing the next day - it's an awesome system to find a salesman."

Alex Grant

Heartland Payment Systems

"We've used Indeed, Beyond, Careerbuilder, for recruiting sales reps and we just weren't able to find the quality of commission sales reps we were looking for. With Time to Hire we got many calls back, with interest, and I was able to find quality outside sales candidates, people who were a great fit. It allowed us to maximize our efficiency and I would use them again anytime in the future to find a salesman."

Chris Atkins

American Income Insurance

"We came to Time To Hire looking for sales people. Our inquiries were answered very quickly. We received a thankful overflow of calls from qualified sales people from across the US, and as a result, were able to find a salesperson quickly."

Amy Tidwell

Unident Software Company

"I needed salespeople and just did a quick Google search looking for sales people and found Time to Hire, and it was pretty much the only option out there and has actually turned out to be one of the best things that's happened to my company."

Blair Halver


"I just wanted to pass along my thanks for the exemplary work done by your organization in delivering to us many qualified commission only sales candidates for our position. I use Time To Hire when salespeople needed."

Bob Roganti

Gym Store

"Recently when I was looking for sales people I contacted Time to Hire, and I'm glad I did. In little to no time at all they delivered me dozens of fully qualified commission sales rep candidates that met my exact qualifications for a sales professional. They're an excellent value."

Carl Hicks


"The campaign to recruit sales people was a fantastic success. I ended up bringing in 7 commission sales people to interview, and out of the 7 people we interviewed I ended up hiring 5. Great when you need sales reps."

Dee Pinkston

Dental Support Plus

"We were looking for sales people in 3 different locations and they helped us set up a sales hiring campaign for each location. The process was pretty simple on our end; they set it up and the phone started ringing. Overall Time to Hire was very useful and a huge success when recruiting sales reps."

Katie Wylie

Paramount Builders

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