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"The response to our campaign to find a salesperson was great. We had lots of interest and phone calls. We ended up hiring five outside sales reps. So far, four of the five are actually performing. I've been incredibly impressed and found Time to Hire to be incredibly useful when hiring sales people."

Rhonda Bray

Rhythm Management

"Within one day we got over 400 phone calls from commission sales reps along with more emails that I was able to count. It was a bit overwhelming at first, however we were able to find a salesman a lot faster than any other service."

Issac Burbank


"We were surprised with the response we got from commission sales reps with Time to hire. We were looking for an inside sales associate and got plenty of resumes that were a good match for our needs to find a salesman. We were able to hire within one week. Three months later and things are going great with our new sales associate. They're great for sales staff hiring."

Warren Strassen

Quick Medical

"After a couple of days of recruiting sales reps, we were overwhelmed with the number of resumes, and resumes that fit the profile of the candidates we were looking for. We were able to add three more door to door salespeople to our staff."

Rich Harring


"I've been hiring sales people for the last 16 years and my problem has always been the same: that's finding qualified candidates. Time to Hire has solved that problem. On a weekly basis, consistently, they provide me with top-quality insurance sales people that are anxious to speak to me. It's great when recruiting sales reps."

Dennis Morris

Healthcare Solutions Team

"We started using Time to Hire a few weeks ago to help us increase our commission sales agent workforce. They helped us get at least 2-3 new commission only sales staff every week. Candidates give us a call, we don't have to reach out to them, great when recruiting sales reps."

Morris Shalom

Urban Sales Network

"We run a door to door team and have had a hard time finding a steady flow of candidates to fill these positions. Time to Hire has completely changed our business model and has revamped our door to door sales team. We are getting a steady stream of qualified candidates coming in now."

Greg Hoover

Its Organic 2 U

"I wanted to make a comment about time to Hire and hiring sales people. it's been an effective tool to make my phone ring with door to door salespeople who are looking for jobs. It seems like an interesting and exciting way to hire new sales staff."

Austin VanSkoyke

Hyperion Marketing

"We were able to get many good commission sales rep candidatges to select from. I was pleased with their professional process and would certainly use them again when hiring sales people."

Jim Rohrer

Loyalty Partners

"I was looking for sales people telemarketers and inside sales reps and was getting unqualified candidates from other sources. Time to Hire was unbelievable and saved us so much time. They were so personal and I highly recommend them if you need sales reps."

Denise Burton

Consumer Business Alliance

"We retained Time to Hire to recruit sales people and introduce us to qualified commission only sales reps. We added 4 to 5 additional staff members to our commission sales team. The process moved quite smoothly and we were very happy with the results."

Robert Smith

Paramount Builders

"It's been a joy to work with Time to hire recruiting sales reps. We got immediate phone calls and hired several commission sales reps and I'm looking forward to using Time to Hire again."

Dave Mullin

Tourbillion Alliance

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