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"We used Time to Hire to recruit sales people and find commission based salespeople. We received quite a few qualified sales resumes, interviewed them and then chose our sales person. I'd use them again in the future for hiring sales people."

Mary Francis

Pedrazza CHB

"We had used many sources to find quality door to door salespeople and been frustrated. With Time to Hire we immediately had qualified respondents and made solid hires that continue with us today. We will continue to use their service to hire canvassers and find a salesman."

Patrick Lemieux

Soft Flow Water Treatment

"I used Time to Hire recently to find door to door salespeople and was very pleased. I was skeptical at first but then my phone started to ring. If you want to hire canvassers and want your phone to ring and want good quality commission sales reps, pick up your phone and call Time to Hire."

Dave Russell

Russell Group Excalibur

"It's labor intensive to go to job sites and sift through resumes when recruiting sales reps. Recruiters are outrageously expensive. We solved this problem by going to Time to Hire to hire sales staff. We had a lot of control of the process. Our phone absolutely rang off-the-hook. Be prepared for the onslaught of qualified commission sales reps that will call you."

Denver Lane

Woyster Media

"I was looking for a cost effective way of hiring sales people and hire commission only salespeople. We've had over 20 qualified commission sales rep candidates contact us via Time To Hire. 6 have made it through initial interviews and we'll hire at least 2. I plan to use Time to Hire for our next sales staff hiring campaign."

Ron Myers

Promote Social

"We were looking for sales people and it took us three days to find a ton of different commission sales rep applicants. We got a few in our door that are really awesome, which is a major stress relief. We get to do our job, our normal work, which saves us a ton of time and worry less about hiring sales people."

Brandon McLaren


"Time to Hire has brought us 6-7 door to door salespeople each time we use it. I would recommend Time to Hire to anyone that is looking for sales people."

Mike Ellison

Champion Satellite

"Salespeople were needed and within a week I had over 50 likely commission sales rep candidates. Since then I've filled all my full time and part time sales positions and everything is going great so far. Time to Hire has made my job a lot easier and my sales team a lot stronger. I recommend them if you need to find a salesperson."

Mike Palmer


"I was blown away recruiting sales reps. What they have become for us is a spigot that gets turned on or off. When want new commission sales reps I just email Time To Hire and they turn that spigot on and the calls start. It's a great opportunity to get the right door to door salespeople candidates in for interview."

Steve Davis

LJ Stone Company

"I was just amazed at the response from Time To Hire with our hiring sales people. Whatever system you guys are using over there is really working."

Josh Mandell

Heartland Payment Systems

"We had a project that we needed sales associates for recently. Time to Hire set us up on a plan and we were innundated with calls and good candidates and I just wanted to pass on my recommendation that this company is very, very good."

Jamie Mauldin


"We needed sales reps and hired two very good commission sales people for our Ohio location. Now we are in the market to hire truck drivers and are excited to see how Time to Hire helps us with this as well."


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