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"Before trying Time To Hire, hiring sales people was time consuming and challenging. We'd tried Craigslist and several other career sales websites. We used Time To Hire and were very satisfied with the results. We began with the 600 plan and heard back from 50 plus candidates and hired 3 employees. I'm excited to continue using Time To Hire moving forward, it's a great service if you need sales reps."

Steven D. Augustine

American Income

"We needed salespeople who are motivated throughout the country. We used Time to Hire to hire three of the most amazing commission sales reps throughout the country. We really appreciate Time to Hire's process and how great they were with sales staff hiring."

Darlene Nevarre

Rhythm Management

"We recently used Time to Hire to find door to door salespeople. We tried newspapers and always had trouble finding commission sales reps. Time To Hire came through and provided 400 door to door salespeople that were designed for that position. I would strongly suggest using them in your next campaign when looking for sales people."

Mike Dooley

Dooley's Water and Energy

"We had a ton of responses, way more than expected. Just in a couple of days we had a ton of interviews set up and got some great commission only sales rep candidates. If you're looking for sales people or to hire canvassers, this is the way to go."

Colton Woods

Dish One

"We had a very reactive approach to hiring sales people that wasn't attracting the right people. Time to Hire helped us be proactive in how we hire sales staff and matched us up with some great commission sales reps that was local to our markets. Very pleased with the amount of sales reps they sent our way and recommend them for recruiting sales reps."

Kyle Crabtree

Slingshot Marketing Company

"We are a print management firm that needed to recruit sales people and experienced commission only sales representatives in the printing and packaging trade. It exceeded their statistics and went beyond my expectations. I was able to hire several qualified outside sales reps."

Greg Harris

Werline Lithographic

"I am the manager of our sales representatives and I am always looking to hire sales staff in other states as commission sales reps. I decided to try Time To Hire, and wow, tremendous feedback that I've had recruiting sales reps! I've actually hired two sales full time commission sales reps within the first week of using their service."

Derek Hodge

United Merchant Processing

"We were looking for sales people nationwide. In the past we have used telemarketers, cold callers to find sales reps and it just didn't work out. I found Time to Hire and was overwhelmed. We ended up hiring 6 commission sales reps and it was definitely worth the time we spent and I would do it again when recruiting sales reps."

Timbre Case

Open Houses America

"When trying to recruit sales people, we have always had a challenge finding commission sales reps to do door to door sales marketing. When we used Time to Hire we got flooded with really awesome sales reps. Time to Hire is just awesome I think that we'll make millions with some of the relationships they helped to generate. I needed salespeople and got them!"

Aaron Harrington

Explore Media

"Time to Hire has been an integral and fantastic source to help us find qualified commission based sales candidates. it's better than career fairs. If you compare the price you get a lot more candidates and a better quality without spending a ton of money."

Josh Sherrill

Western and Southern Life

"We tried a number of different services to find a salesperson. With Time to Hire we found that the number of commission sales rep applicants, the quality, the caliber of the applicants was very high. I highly recommend for anyone looking for sales people or who need sales reps."

Devin Pintozzi

American Book Company

"What you read on their website is exactly the way it worked for us. They sent us more than 30 qualified sales applicants. The sales people who reached out to us we interviewed 7 commission sales reps and ultimately we hired 3. We will use Time to Hire again in the months to come to recruit sales people."

Greg Six

Simar Group

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