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"With Time to Hire not only did we get good quality door to door salespeople, we found exactly what we were looking for in terms of sales talent and within three days we got a volume of candidates that would have taken our hiring managers weeks to track down. Recruiting sales reps has never been easier!"

Dave Layman

Solar City

"We need sales reps and received 100 responses from our 1000 plan campaign and were led to believe we'd be doing well if we hired six commission sales reps. We hired 12 new sales employees. The quality of candidates was very high and our ROI was excellent. I highly recommend them to recruit sales people."

Mike Maher

MBS Equity Funding

"Trying to recruit sales people and hire sales staff that will work on 100% commission is extremely hard in our business. I've tried Craigslist from career fairs with little to no success. With Time To Hire we conducted five interviews and were able to hire one awesome sales rep who has come on board with us and is doing quite well."

Dan White

Evergreen Washelli

"We needed to quickly add commission only sales reps. We need sales reps and we needed them fast. Time to Hire found hundreds of potential sales applicants for us. In a span of 3 days we had over 50 candidates interested in the position. We look forward to starting our next sales staff hiring campaign with Time to Hire."

Emilia Andrews

Beholder Productions

"Time to Hire was easy, affordable and cost effective for hiring sales people. Out of the 30 qualified candidates we identified, we were able to hire two new commission based sales candidates for my company in under a week. I couldn't be more happy with the results and highly recommend them for sales staff hiring."

Scott Woodside

Dignity Memorial

"Really like the Time to Hire service to find a salesperson. I received a ton of phone calls and set a ton of interviews with commission sales reps. Very qualified applications. Everyone had sales experience who I talked to. Setting up the interviews was very quick and easy. Great for sales staff hiring."

Daryl Hodge

Renewal by Andersen

"I tried Craiglist for sales staff hiring, which didn't really provide me with people who were serious about a commission only sales rep position. With Time To Hire I ended up with over 50 phone calls from commission sales reps, hired 4 full time and 2 part time sales staff, all within a week. I had a lot more qualified people but only had room for so many. A great way to find a salesman!"

Amy Geis

Capstone Resume Services

"On two different occasions we used time to hire, once to find a commission sales representative and another to find technical help. On both occasions the people we hired have exceeded our expectations greatly. Time to Hire is a great and cost effective way to hire sales people."

Fred Fordin


"We wanted to hire sales people and got plenty of commission sales rep applicants. It worked really well. We have someone working with us right now who's been a great fit. I highly recommend the service to hire sales staff and we plan to use them again in the near future."

Michael Cooney


"We needed to find a salesman and Time to Hire hit a home run. Everything was simple and smooth. Once we launched the campaign our phone started ringing and we scheduled interviews and our email box filled up with commission sales reps. A great service to hire sales staff."

Joe Brannon


"We are a technology sales organization that needs to recruit sales people. As we've been trying to move into new areas in the country the most difficult thing has been sourcing new outside sales reps. Time to Hire is able to source hundreds of technology sales applicants which allows us to focus our energy on training rather than sourcing, which takes too long without their system of hiring sales people."

John Muhlenstein

Concierge Core Services

"Time to Hire provides more time and resources for your recruiters to talk to people they want to be talking to. Really stellar top notch commission sales reps candidates. You save a ton of time and resources by using their services to hire sales staff."

Kristin Urquiza

Membership Drive

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