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"I am responsible for hiring 100% commission only sales people and recruiting sales reps. Time To Hire has been instrumental to our success and recruitment strategy. When traditional sales recruiting methods aren't working, we pull the fire alarm, and that fire alarm for us is Time To Hire."

Anita Ellison


"We need sales reps and enlisted Time To Hire to assist us with some of our call center sales representatives. We had great success in identifying anywhere between 8-10 hires per market where we used their resources."

Suzanne Sellers

Time Warner Cable

"We recruit sales people to sell pest control and it's difficult to find door to door salespeople with experience as it's a tough field. Time to Hire was exactly what we were looking for. We got an immediate response from many qualified commission sales rep applicants. "

Brad Bowles

Assured Pest Control

"We've tried just about everything in recruiting sales reps and door to door sales candidates coming in and interviewing, and we've never had as much a success as we've had with Time To Hire. It's been a great partnership and resource and I'd think it would be the same for you when hiring sales people."

Scott Edwards

Aspen Construction

"We used Time To Hire today for recruiting sales reps and have had a great experience, great door to door salespeople applicants - many applicants. Much better than Craigslist, Indeed or ZipRecruiter. It's been a good experience and I recommend them if you are looking for sales people."

Peter Steinmetz

Turner Pest Control

"Since we've started using Time to Hire we have tripled our interview schedule and doubled our hiring rate. We would recommend it to anyone who can't get enough door to door salespeople through the door."

Rachel Holcomb

Jasper Contractors

"We run a door to door team and have had a hard time finding a steady flow of candidates to fill these positions. Time to Hire has completely changed our business model and has revamped our door to door sales team. We are getting a steady stream of qualified candidates coming in now."

Greg Hoover

Its Organic 2 U

"Really like the Time to Hire service to find a salesperson. I received a ton of phone calls and set a ton of interviews with commission sales reps. Very qualified applications. Everyone had sales experience who I talked to. Setting up the interviews was very quick and easy. Great for sales staff hiring."

Daryl Hodge

Renewal by Andersen

"We did our first campaign 6 months ago and within 2 days we cleared out all of our commission sales applicants and ended up hiring 7 home improvement sales people. Time to Hire will save you a ton of time if you are hiring sales people."

Steve Spaeth

Stendahl Exteriors

"With Time to Hire, we added 14 door to door sales reps in one week. Amazing results and we are very happy with them and will be using them again. Highly recommended for recruiting sales reps or to hire canvassers."

Gary Hand

US Alarms

"We needed to recruit sales people and hired 8 people using Time to Hire in the 1099 outside sales door to door position. Pretty much everyone was qualified and it was a great way to not waste my time!"

Chris Driscoll

Driscoll Insulation

"I was blown away recruiting sales reps. What they have become for us is a spigot that gets turned on or off. When want new commission sales reps I just email Time To Hire and they turn that spigot on and the calls start. It's a great opportunity to get the right door to door salespeople candidates in for interview."

Steve Davis

LJ Stone Company

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