When seeking the perfect qualified candidate for your organization, it may feel like you are drowning in a vast sea of endless resumes, wasted time, and company resources just trying to find the select few with the right skills. While there are various online options to help with recruitment needs, such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed, Time to Hire uses a completely unique recruitment system designed to be cost-effective and efficient without compromising quality. Apples to apples, we don’t have a direct competitor but we understand it isn’t always clear how online recruitment works. We hope this summary helps.

time to hire recruitment process versus Ziprecruiter


Time to Hire (TTH) delivers quality recruitment leads to companies that are ready to hire by using crucial keywords and a proprietary search method to find candidates. We contact a requested amount of jobseekers specifically targeting them based on their skills. In addition, we ask they contact you the next day. This better ensures that both qualified and interested parties reply in response to your opportunity. Our clients can order 400-1000 resumes per recruitment campaign after paying one flat fee. The resumes are available to view for 90 days. 

Most of the other online recruitment services such as ZipRecruiter work similarly to a job posting on CraigsList. In general, they give you the option to search resumes but you must search for candidates yourself. Viewing the candidate contact information is limited to a specific number of views (such as 25 resumes per month) with each additional resume costing extra. While these services do add convenience to the process, most of the heavy lifting still rests on your shoulders to find qualified candidates.


As mentioned, we use specific keywords to find candidates that are most suited and qualified to do the work listed in your job description. We do not provide the same screening level as a full service recruitment agency nor do other online resume services like Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Even so, at TTH, we take extra steps to contact people, and only those that are likely to be a fit for your opening to save you from wasting resources.

When you list your job posting on the other services, anyone can reply regardless of their qualifications. Some people will reply without even reading the job description. And more importantly, very few interested parties reply to low paying job ads because they aren’t compelling enough. It usually takes more than reading a low paying job post to pique a candidate’s interest.

Because we reach out to the candidates individually, we significantly increase the amount of replies to low salary and commission only postings. In addition, we offer a minimum guaranteed amount of responses or you can run the campaign again for free. This is an important distinction between TTH’s service and the others. 


TTH can customize searches for candidates locally, state-wide or nationwide. We can also tailor a local search to be within a 20-200 mile radius of a zip code. This gives you the opportunity to find a pool of candidates within the specific area necessary for your unique recruitment needs.

In general, other recruitment services are limiting your search to cities rather than an expansive radius. This may cost you some extra time and extra searches.


TTH charges a flat fee rather than requiring any sort of monthly contract like the other services. Our clients pay per recruitment campaign and running with us again is based entirely on your satisfaction with our service. There is no need worry about missing an email telling you that your free trial is ending. Nor will you feel stuck with a service that you no longer need. It works best for our customers, therefore it works best for us.


Our service has received a full five-star rating with the Better Business Bureau with predominantly positive reviews from businesses that have used our service. We suggest you peruse reviews on the Better Business Bureau website of other services like Indeed.com or ZipRecruiter.com. It will help you gain perspective on their service. It provides actual testimonials from customers and may help clarify which service satisfies its customers the most.


Understanding the resources to help grow the business you have worked so hard to build is important. We know the value of hiring a person you feel confident about and the good feeling associated with it. Knowing which recruitment option serves your needs best can mean big savings with two of your most valuable resources- time and money.

Next time you are selecting a service for your hiring needs, give us at Time To Hire a call if you have more questions. Our goal is to make the most of your resources and assessing if we are the right fit for your business. We look forward to discussing your organization and your unique recruitment needs. 

Happy recruiting!           

time to hire vs ziprecruiter recruitment