Quick Guide: Choosing the Right Keywords for your Campaign

If you’re reading this post you’re probably concerned that we’ll pick the wrong search terms for your campaign, however there’s not much chance of that happening.  Over the last fifteen years we’ve performed over 36,000 searches for a wide variety of companies.

The main reason we ask you to provide keyword terms when we find you sales people it to make sure we’re on the same page – to confirm what we already know, and to include additional words you’ve requested. We’re always on the lookout for a new keyword for finding sales people, so please keep them coming!


Boolean (Pronounced BOO-LEE-UN) Logic was created by a mathematician back in the 19th century. A Boolean search is a string of words, phrases and Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) that allow us to perform a complex search on resume and find you the right sales people.

Here is a simple example and result in the image below:   +Sales +(Canvass* OR “Door to door” OR “Field sales” OR Knock* OR “Direct Sales”)  AND (Directv OR Comcast OR Kirby) NOT (“Retail Sales” OR tax OR analyst OR administrative)

This search will force the word “Sales” along with one word from the second grouping (“Door to Door”) as well as one word from the third grouping (“Kirby”)  and will not display resumes that have any words in the last grouping.



The best job description keywords are generally words or phrases that are common. Single words are better than phrases because they’re going to be much more common.   Traits are not effective job description keywords (eg., Cheerful, Motivated, Leader, “On Time”).  Your competitors names can work well, as long as they’re very large companies (eg., Terminix, Kirby, Cutco, Primerica, Yellow Pages).



Ask yourself the following questions about finding sales people to spark ideas:

  • Who are my very large competitors in the area?
  • What other types of people would work for this position?  (if you’re selling local marketing services to small businesses, you might use “Merchant Services” as a keyword)
  • What kinds of people do I want to exclude?  What types of people would never succeed in my opportunity? (these are your negative keywords)
  • What are the synonyms of my main keywords?  (if you’re looking for home improvement sales reps, you might search for “in home”, “construction sales”, HVAC or XACTIMATE)



Here are some keywords that we’re already using for the most popular types of sales reps and industries:

Outside Sales Keywords:  : Hunter, Closer, Yellow Pages, B2B, Cold Call, Lead Generation, Insurance Sales, Merchant Services, Prospecting, Sales Leader, District Manager

Door To Door Sales Keywords:    Field Sales, Direct Sales, Storm Damage, Solar, Canvassing, Terminix, Knocking, Census, ADT, Scotts, Pest Control, Residential Sales

Home Improvement Sales Keywords:  HVAC, XACTIMATE, Solar, Home Depot, Lowes, Remodeling, Restoration, Wind/Hail Damage, Roofing, Outside Sales, Hunter, Closer, Lead Generation

Inside Sales Keywords: Inbound, Outbound, Telesales, Telemarketing, Sales Associate, Sales Executive, Debt Collection, Appointment Setting, Phone Sales, Call Center, Sales Representative

Lawn/Pest Control Sales Keywords:  Trugreen, Pest, Bartender, Yellow Pages, Door to Door, Canvassing, Kirby, Cutco

Digital Marketing/Advertising Job Description Keywords:  Digital, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Internet Advertising, Advertising Sales, New Media, Digital Media, Groupon, Living Social

Merchant Services Sales Keywordss: Merchant Services, Local Businesses, ISA, ISO, Payment Processing, Outside Sales, Hunter, Closer, Cold Call, Lead Generation, Yellow Pages, Heartland Payment Systems

SEO Sales Keywords:  SEM, SEO, Adwords, Internet Advertising, Local Business, Small Business, B2B, PPC, “Pay Per Click”, Hunter, Closer, Yellow Pages, Outside Sales

Print Advertising Job Description Keywords:  Printing, Direct Mail, Newspaper, Magazine, Branding, Promotional, Directories, Print Media, Television, Radio, Broadcasting

Finance/Wealth/Insurance Job Description Keywords:  Series 6, Series 7, Wealth, CFP, Financial Planner, CLU, Trader, Wealth Management, Insurance Sales, Life License, Banking, Investments, Pharmaceutical, Broker, Securities, Collegiate, Athlete, Football


If you have any questions about job description keywords, please ask your account manager. Lastly, make sure you don’t forget the negative keywords and good luck finding sales people!