By: Nicole Nelson7 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Salesperson

When you need to hire the right salesperson, it can feel hard to know where to start. In any industry and every business, sales are the foundation for profit and success. While you are the ultimate salesperson that inherently knows everything about your business and product, in time you will need to hire people to do it for you. And not just any salespeople—good ones.

Sales for most people is not a natural gift they are born with. It requires technique, strategy, persistence, and commitment. And the truth is, not everyone you hire will work out. Even so, you can increase the odds of success with hires by polishing up your hiring and sales process.

We hope these tips help!

1. Freshen Up the Job Opportunity

Do your homework before you hire and make this job opportunity as appealing as you can. Research what your competitors are offering and offer better commission rates and perks. If possible, show candidates you are investing in them as well by offering a base salary. Keep the opportunity updated by reviewing it each time you need to hire. By doing this, you are increasing the likelihood of attracting the right people and giving yourself an important advantage.

This is a great guide for writing an effective job description.

2. Define What You are Looking For

Start the job search with being clear about what it is you want in the ideal candidate. Most people are not born for sales but will find success with some coaching. It helps increase the odds of success when hiring to open up requirements and consider transferrable skills, not just sales experience. It can be hard to predict success but consider defining what you are looking for by thinking about qualities you want in the ideal employee. The rest is trainable.

Here are some of the qualities you will find in a successful salesperson:

– A comfortable friendly communicator

– A competitive spirit

– Easy to coach or a quick learner

– Rejection tolerance

– Flexibility

– Motivated and positive

3. Be Transparent, Honest, and Friendly

It is important to be forthcoming with what the job entails and what the candidate will earn as a new employee. Provide a full picture to allow them to make the best decision for themselves and ultimately you. By doing this, you will help promote higher employee retention down the road. Say what matters and don’t leave out any of the perks! Remember, you are competing for the best candidates so make your offer compelling.

It is equally important to be friendly and interested in each candidate. Use a positive tone and describe the role with active words. Talk to them about a potential career path. Presenting a challenge is a great way to inspire a motivated candidate.

Be prepared to inspire candidates with your role and leave a great impression.

4. Interview Like an Expert

Your hiring results will be much more effective with a well-informed and organized interviewing process. See this blog about how to interview salespeople.

In general, break up the interview schedule to bring focus to each candidate. Put them at ease right away by being welcoming and conversational. Focus on behavioral questions and also, try a question specific to the role you are hiring for. This will give you an idea of how much natural instinct the candidate already has for the role.

Make sure to ask all candidates the same questions to be able to make apples to apples comparisons later. Explain the job duties and ask them if they have any questions.

Steer away from riddles and trick questions. Most people are already nervous and it doesn’t provide much insight to how they will perform on the job.

5. Follow Up Right Away

If you feel the interview went well, send the candidate an email the same day thanking them for their time and explaining next steps. Keep them engaged and interested. Especially considering the fact they may be interviewing with other employers. Ask if they have any follow up questions or additional things about themselves they want you to know. Continuing the conversation not only is polite but also fosters rapport as the candidate moves forward in your hiring process.

7 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Salesperson

6. Train Employees Well

After you hire the right candidate, you can improve the odds for their success by training them comprehensively. It is important to have a defined process, training goals, and a clear schedule. Give them materials to study and reinforce what they learn. Allow them to observe in the field and try not to overwhelm them. Training new hires in pieces and giving them plenty of breaks helps promote better retention of what they are learning.

7. Trust Your Gut

If the candidate looks good on paper but just isn’t seeming right in person, trust your gut. You know your business and the job they are competing for. Do your best to find the right fit. Sometimes conventional advice doesn’t apply and you have to go with instincts. Make sure to do what is best for you—it is so important to feel good about your decision!

Having said that, always check references and make sure to follow basic procedures to protect this financial and time investment.

By approaching hiring with clear objectives and an organized process, you are sure to hire the right salespeople. Best of luck and happy hiring!