Salespeople Qualities

Top Qualities To Watch Out For When Looking For Salespeople

For most businesses, hiring salespeople is a complex process.

You need to attract the right people, offer the right incentives, create an effective on-boarding process, and guide those new reps to success. But it all starts with the hiring process… and to be more specific, it all starts with knowing what qualities to look for in a salesperson. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of the most important qualities of a good salesperson:

1) Empathy (Or Real-World Experience)

One of the most invaluable qualities of a salesperson is empathy. That means a deep understanding of the pain-points, and solution that they will be selling. Similarly, real-world experience with your product takes empathy to an even greater level. The reasoning behind this is that a (real) customer of your product would make the best salesperson. They know the problem first-hand, they know the related issues, and they know exactly what it takes to motivate a potential prospect to close the sale.

This is why many businesses will run mock sales calls (or meetings) when hiring salespeople to try and generate this first-hand experience.  Another great way to instill the necessary product knowledge in your new reps is to give them your product. Let them see the product from the angle of a customer… it will absolutely make them more effective at closing.

2) Drive And Discipline

Another huge quality of a good salesperson is ‘drive.’ The ideal candidate for almost any sales position is self-driven and motivated by success. You want salespeople that are willing (and happy) to do what it takes to beat their goals. Often, sales success will depend on motivation and effort, much more than inherent skills.

Think of it this way: If you have a choice between hiring a salesperson that puts in 110% effort but lacks significant prior experience and a salesperson that has powerful  powerful sales ability but is lazy… the former will almost always achieve better results. Why? Because sales performance requires mental fortitude just as much as the ability to persuade.

3) Charisma: A Personality

Another top quality of good salesperson that is often misunderstood: charisma When people normally think of charisma in sales, they picture the sly “used car salesperson” that was pushy and arrogant. That’s the opposite of charisma… in reality, you’re looking for a person that can make friends in almost any situation. You want to hire salespeople that can command control of a room from the moment they walk in the door, and do it in an agreeable way.

Have you ever been involved in a sales situation where you felt like you and the rep were “on the same side?” That’s good charisma, and that’s a powerful skill for sales. This type of personality is key for top-performers, and is something you should definitely watch for during interviews. Remember, this has nothing to do with introversion or extraversion, either of these personality types can have serious charisma… it will just manifest in a slightly different way.

The next time you’re looking to hire salespeople, consider these qualities during the interview process and see what happens. You will likely be pleasantly surprised with the results… because these are indications of great salespeople that don’t appear on a resume or cover letter.