Making door to door sales is tough and hiring door to door salesmen and women isn’t any easier! If your sales business is moving into selling door to door, you’ll need to build a sales team.

It takes time, effort, and money to build a sales team. However, if you make the right decisions, you can build a lean, focused door to door sales team, create a new revenue stream for your business, and ultimately increase your profits.

We’ve created this guide to show you how to build a sales team from scratch.

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Step 1 – Define your relationship with your potential customers

Everything starts with the customer. Spend some time thinking of your ideal customer:

  • Who is your target demographic?
  • What is it they need?
  • How do your products and services meet those needs?
  • What problems do you solve for them?
  • How are you going to identify where your best customers are?

Really think about your ideal customer so you can define them as clearly as possible. This will help you create specific pitches and responses to sales objections, ultimately increasing your successful door to door sales rate.

This is the most important step in scaling your business through hiring door to door salesmen and women. Understanding your customer is key to both building a sales team and hiring the right salespeople who can sell to those customers.

You’ll use your understanding of your ideal customer to guide your decisions when building a sales team from scratch.

Step 2 – Refine your sales strategy for a door to door sales team

You’ll already have a sales strategy you use to sell your products, either online, by phone, through pitches, or by appointment. Take that sales strategy and tweak it into a sales process and approach that works when selling door to door.

Take your existing sales strategy and break every part of it down, piece by piece, into a simple repeatable process. Aim to simplify each part of the process as much as possible – Once you hire a team of door to door salesmen and women, it will make it easier for your sales reps to learn your strategy and use it effectively.

You’ll know you have a great door to door sales strategy when any sales rep could study and learn it in less than a day.

How to refine and build your door to door sales strategy

You can build your new strategy by asking the right questions:

  • What does it feel like to be your average / ideal customer?
  • What are the main tangible benefits of your products?
  • What does it allow your potential customers to do?
  • What are the main intangible benefits of your products?
  • How will it make your potential customers feel?
  • What are the typical objections a customer may have to your sales process or product?
  • How will you deal with those sales objections?
  • What type of relationship do you expect your customers to have with your products?
  • What is the best approach to take when explaining products to new customers?
  • How will you create the ideal pitch to explain your products and get buy in?
  • How will you build the trust and reputation of your business and products within twenty seconds of a customer opening the door?

Compile the answers to these questions and combine them with your existing sales strategy. Document all of this in a playbook or sales guide and refine it as you get feedback from your door to door sales reps.

Use the playbook as training materials to give your sales representatives the skills they need to sell door to door.

One of the best ways to refine and share this information is to have your new salespeople act as customers. Get them to listen to the pitch, buy your product, and use it for a few days. This will help them understand and empathize with your potential customers during their first few interactions.

Remember that no sales strategy will survive contact with your customers! Ask your door to door sales reps what parts of the strategy are working, and what aren’t. Use their feedback to tweak and refine your approach. Keep doing this until you have a finely honed sales approach that can get you the results you need.

Step 3 – Hire the ideal door to door sales representatives

You now have insight into your target audience, you’ve honed your sales strategy, and you’ve created a good door to door sales approach. You’ve honed your pitch, you know what sales objections people are likely to have, and you’ve got a good idea on how to convert a lead into a satisfied customer.

All you need now is to hire door to door salesmen and women to put your plan into action. This is where it can get complicated. You need to match your sales strategy and approach to building a sales team. If you’re hiring door to door salesmen and women, you’ll need to think about:

  • The qualities you’re looking for in an ideal door to door salesman or woman.
  • The skills, experience, talent, and expertise you’ll want them to have.
  • What commission and bonus structure you’ll use to drive them.
  • How else you can motivate your commission only sales reps.
  • The requirements of the job.

Fortunately, we’ve created some very useful guides to help when building a sales team from scratch:


Please have a read through the guides. They’ll help you hone your recruiting process when hiring door to door salesmen and women and let you know how to motivate your sales teams to keep building a sales team once job offers have been made.

Hiring the best door to door salesmen and women is a delicate balancing act, for example offering higher compensation means you’ll attract better candidates, but you need to have the resources to support them effectively.

When building a sales team, every part of your hiring and recruitment process will be constantly evolving. You’ll be able to remove obstacles and bottlenecks to help you focus on hiring the best door to door salesmen and women, meaning more success for you, and for them.

It all leads to building a better functioning, more effective sales team. As you hone your processes  getting the attention of your ideal sales reps should be fairly easy.

Step 4 – Teach, lead, and mentor

You’ve built some excellent foundations for your door to door sales team. You understand the customer and you’ve recruited the best people. Now it’s time to give your commission only sales reps the support they need to drive better door to door sales and contribute to your revenue.

If you want your team to beat expectations and create record breaking numbers, it’s essential you continue to teach, lead, and mentor them.

That support starts through having an elegant and professional onboarding process to introduce newly hired door to door salesmen and women to your business and get them up to speed quickly.

This means:

  • Having the right training available – This should include documented training and playbooks, classroom training and one to one mentoring.
  • Giving your sales reps enough time to learn – People absorb information at different rates;  give your sales reps the time and support they need to properly absorb all the information.
  • Define and share success – Let all of your sales reps know what’s expected of them, and how you can help them accomplish that.
  • Getting proper support structures in place – Make sure the rest of your business is poised to assist your door to door sales team. That means admin functions, account management, distribution, and more.

You will never have a 100% success rate with newly hired door to door salesmen and women. Every single company has to accept that a certain percentage of all sales reps won’t make the cut, that’s just a part of building a sales team.

Your management and leadership skills will influence how many (or how few) of your sales reps become successful.

Step 5 – Make the most of your investment

If your business is new to door to door sales, this entire process of building a sales team from scratch is a big investment. It’s both an investment into your new door to door team, but it’s also a direct investment in your sales company’s successful growth and future potential.

When building a sales team from scratch, give your new team and processes the attention and support they deserve. Anything less could lead to a lackluster sales team and unimpressive sales numbers.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve discussed:

  • Find out about your ideal customer, what they need, where they are, and the problems your products and services solve for them.
  • Refine and build your sales strategy through asking the right questions, creating trust with your customers and dealing with sales objections.
  • Use feedback from your salespeople to refine and tweak your sales strategy to be more successful.
  • Create useful sales materials and training to give your new sales reps the skills and approach they need to be successful.
  • Hire the right people who are ideally suited to door to door sales.
  • Continuously teach, lead, and mentor your sales team and watch it improve over time.
  • Continue to invest time and energy into helping your sales team to succeed.

Use this guide and take a careful look at your approach to hiring door to door salesmen and women. Take the first step towards building a successful door to door sales team from scratch and implement any new insights right away.

Building a sales team does need time, energy, and money. With the right approach, processes, and training you’ll create an effective team who can drive more revenue and profit into your business.

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