hire canvassersHow to Hire Canvassers

Do you know how to sift and sort through candidates to find the right people for the job?

Learning how to hire canvassers is hard because it requires a very specific skill set. It’s not practical to just hope you will find the perfect candidate… you need a sales recruitment process for finding and closing the reps that will help grow your business.

Today we’re going to explore the art of hiring and on boarding canvassers, and you’ll quickly realize that a significant portion of the process requires a personal touch. Why? Because you can’t just hire great salespeople on autopilot — you need to be there as a sales recruitment consultant in the beginning to take them by the hand and teach them a professional and effective canvassing approach.

Focus On The Right Qualities

Let’s face it: You need qualified, motivated, “go-getter” reps that have a very solid understanding of sales. But there’s one element that most business owners don’t realize: not all salespeople are born… most are created. Before you can train them though, you first need to hire the right canvassers.

Here are four characteristics your sales recruitment consultants should look for:

  • Boldness – Your new canvassers will need to be confident. “Faking it” won’t make it in this industry. Look for people that can handle knocking on doors and being personable (and professional) in situations that will often be unsettling.
  • Rejection Is The Norm – Obviously you and your new sales person have the same results in mind: boatloads of sales, leads, or whatever conversion they are aiming for… but you need to make it abundantly clear that success comes alongside significant rejection. You need people that will keep marching through every “No” until they finally get a “Yes.”
  • Think For Themselves – Another often unnoticed quality of successful canvassers is the ability to think critically. Sales may be a numbers game to the manager or owner… but for a salesperson, the act of addressing a person and soliciting a response is a very fluid act. It’s constantly changing and requires a person that has serious quick-thinking abilities.
  • Not Afraid To Ask For The Sale – Opening the conversation and starting the canvassing process is great, but that’s not what drives sales. Your new canvassers need to have the drive to finalize the process — they need to be able to “ask for the sale” regardless of what that entails. If they’re afraid of persuasion, they might not be the right candidate.

Now Craft Your New Reps Into Canvassing Machines

So you’ve learned how to hire canvassers and got a group of ready-to-roll canvassers… what now? Mastering sales team management.

This is arguably the most important step in the sales recruitment process (and where most businesses get it wrong). Now you need to take these reps and mold them into canvassing machines.

Spend a day (or two) out in the field with your new reps and show them how it’s done. This is the best possible training you could give your new canvassers — and remember, this is a win-win. There’s nothing more important that setting your reps up for success — because you both reap the rewards of an unstoppable canvassing force.