Different Types of Salespeople

What are some different types of salespeople Time To Hire can help me find?

In general, we can help companies find virtually all types of salespeople, except for certain types of specialized sales representatives.  Examples of specialized reps that don’t do well with our service include cosmetics sales, beauty product sales, jewelry sales, or if you’re looking for help with marketing or publishing a book that you’ve written.

Some of the different types of salespeople that we can help you source include outside sales, door to door sales people, inside sales people, advertising sales reps and finally, sales managers.

Some of our most popular vertical markets include:

  • Door To Door Cable / Internet Sales Reps
  • Door To Door Energy Deregulation Salespeople
  • Door To Door Pest Control Sales Reps
  • Door To Door Alarm / Security Sales People
  • Door To Door Roofing and Storm Damage Salespeople
  • Merchant Services
  • Insurance Sales
  • Roofing and Restoration
  • Construction / Home Improvement
  • Furniture Sales
  • Technology Sales
  • Financial Sales
  • Local Mobile Web Marketing
  • Medical Sales
  • Printing or Direct Mail

and many more…

Outside Sales Rep – This type of salesman or woman will use any means necessary to close a sale. This is the hunter, never say die type of sales mentality.  Well versed with closing a sale.  Sales methodologies may include D2D (Door-To-Door) canvassing of businesses, phone sales (cold calling), networking, advertising/marketing and anything else they can think of to generate leads. Their favorite movie is probably Glengarry Glen Ross.

Door-To-Door Sales Rep – Fairly self explanatory! Sales representatives who come knocking at your door. These salesmen and women are on everyone’s Christmas list every year and we’re always happy to see them.  Even in 2017, there is a great need for this type of sales rep, whether it be for Storm Damage, Energy Deregulation, Cable/Comcast, Pest Control, Alarm Systems, Water Purification, and Waste/Trash services.

Advertising Salesperson – Anyone involved in the various types of advertising sales, such as digital media, print, television or radio.

Inside Sales Rep – This type of salesman or woman may display the traits of the outside salesperson, however they do it all from the telephone. This could be inbound sales or outbound sales. Also known as “Telesales”, typically when inside sales reps are making outbound calls with the goal of closing the sale.  We can help your company find any type of telemarketing or telesales representative.

Whatever type of sales rep you’re looking for, we can help you find them.