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Sales Representative Jobs

Sales Representative Jobs: How To Land The Best Job

A sales representative sells services or products for a company. Sales representative jobs often means wearing many hats. You will be tasked with making a good…

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Sales Reps Meaning

Sales Reps Meaning: What Does A Sales Representative Do?

Do you want to start a career as a sales rep? What are a sales reps meaning? A sales representative sells products or services for a…

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motivate your sales team

Motivate Your Sales Team: It Is Not Just About The Paycheck

How do you motivate your sales team as a sales manager? Payroll is your highest cost as the owner of a sales business. Hiring salespeople is expensive, but…

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business desk items

Employee Issues In The Workplace: How To Deal With Serious HR Issues

WORKPLACE CHALLENGES Employee issue in the workplace are a normal part of hiring and managing many employees and are commonplace in the work environment. Occasionally, issues…

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Phone Interview Tips: How To Handle Calls With Candidates

In this blog post, I’m going to give you some phone interview tips for hiring managers that explain exactly what you might say to door-to-door sales…

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sales hiring approach

Sales Hiring Approach: 10 Things to Consider

Hiring salespeople for commission-based or for commission-only sales opportunities can often be tough. However, a strong sales hiring approach will make a sales job appealing to…

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b2b networking

B2B Networking as a Hiring Tool

re  aYouBusinesses face an uphill climb in today’s business landscape. Finding suitable potential prospects for business activities like hiring new people for your team can often…

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