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hiring a salesperson

Hiring a Salesperson: Hire The Right Person Fast!

Hiring a salesperson for your growing business is an important step in business growth. Sales hiring represents an opportunity to inject new energy into your sales…

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Tips For A Sales Interview

Tips For A Sales Interview: How To Succeed At A Job Interview

Have you gotten the itch to make a sale? Would you like to take an active approach toward the success of your career? A new job…

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Sales Representative Jobs

Sales Representative Jobs: How To Land The Best Job

A sales representative sells services or products for a company. Sales representative jobs often means wearing many hats. You will be tasked with making a good…

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Sales Reps Meaning

Sales Reps Meaning: What Does A Sales Representative Do?

Do you want to start a career as a sales rep? What are a sales reps meaning? A sales representative sells products or services for a…

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7 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Salesperson

By: Nicole Nelson When you need to hire the right salesperson, it can feel hard to know where to start. In any industry and every business,…

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How To Manage and Fire Underachievers

By: Nicole Nelson Having to manage and fire underachievers is one of those things every business contends with. It is extremely important to manage low performers…

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The Top 4 Reasons You Can’t Find a Hire

By: Nicole Nelson   Your job description has gone out to candidates and the calls are coming in. But you still can’t find a hire! Why…

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8 Tips For Successfully Hiring Millennials

by: Nicole Nelson If you are recruiting, it is likely you are in the business of hiring millennials. Most of us have heard things about millennials…

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How to Interview Salespeople

by: Nicole Nelson You have selected the top candidates after the screening phone call. You may already know how to interview salespeople. But we have some…

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5 Signs You May Need To Hire Again

by: Nicole Nelson It can be easy to miss or ignore important signs that you need to hire again. With an endless task list on your…

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How Not to Be a Jerk in a B2B World

by: Nicole Nelson I already know. You are probably thinking “I don’t need to read this blog because I’m not a jerk.” I believe you. I…

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phone interview tips

Recruiting Candidates: Building Rapport and Interest with the First Phone Call

by: Nicole Nelson You’ve carefully crafted your job description and figured out your recruitment process. Now you’re eagerly awaiting phone calls from interested candidates. Let the…

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