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What our clients say

"Time to Hire's process in attracting sales candidates is the best we've found."

John Conry

"My phone rang off hook with outside sales reps. It's been six weeks and I still haven't returned all the was very timely and professional."

Mike Machuga
Urban Luxury Vinyl

"I have been using Time To Hire for many years and they have been my most effective resource for recruiting commission sales people! It's the best way to find a salesman."

John Reed
InSphere Insurance

"I've never had so many responses for such a hard to fill position [commission only sales reps]... they are worth every penny."

Christina Cox
Exterior Solutions

"I scheduled about 20 interviews and hired 4 so far. This is great for recruiting sales people."

Ron Larson
Protection 1

"We found two qualified commission sales person. The recruiting service worked exactly how Timetohire said it would for hiring sales people."

Cameron Stang

"I hired 14 door to door alarm sales reps in just one week with Time To Hire! Amazing results!"

Gary Hand
US Alarms

"We used Time to Hire to help us hire outside sales representatives. We received good quality and volume of sales resumes. This is the best way to hire sales staff."

Eileen Hartunian
mPactDigital Advertising

"We use Time To Hire in a number of states to help find us quality storm damage door to door sales reps. Their system really works."

Spencer Rutenbar
Affiliated Roofing

"We were looking for a recruiting firm that specializes in SEO inside sales people. We got plenty of applicants, it worked really well. I highly recommend this service."

Michael Cooney

Are you recruiting sales reps for an expanding business? Do you need the help of an experienced sales hiring service with a proven track record? Our specialty is finding quality sales rep candidates for clients, and we'd love to help you succeed in finding the subsequent sales hire for your company too!

Hire a Sales Rep the Right Way

Sales forces across many industries face the same pinch – finding quality sales representatives during the hiring process. Whether you are just starting a new business or are an established company looking to expand, it can be challenging to find great salespeople to fill your team.

The ideal candidate should have the sales experience your company needs. But more than that, they need to be a good fit for your company culture and have the soft skills that help them increase their average close rate and truly address customers’ needs. Finding and hiring a good salesperson is no small task; you need a partner to help with the heavy lifting.

Time To Hire is your best source for hiring commission sales reps for your business. We guarantee you’ll hire at least one person on your first try with us, and if not, we’ll do the whole thing again, absolutely free. Pursue your business strategy today by hiring salespeople with the help of Time To Hire.

Our process works across industries and for a variety of sales positions, including:

  • Inside and Outside Sales Reps
  • Remote Sales Professionals
  • Door to Door Sales Representatives
  • Canvassers
  • B2B Sales Reps
  • Technology Sales Reps
  • Telemarketers
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Associates
  • Account Executive Sales Reps

Our professional services include more than just finding sales reps. We can help find industry support staff and non-sales personnel too. You name it, we'll find them, and fast!

Our Simple, Economic, and Effective Sales Process

Finding sales professionals to help expand your business takes a lot of work, and that’s why we’ve made our service as simple, inexpensive, and efficient as possible.

Using a proven algorithm, we search over 1400 resume sites with over 100 million resumes to find qualified sales representatives and contact them about your sales position opportunity. Interested candidates will call or email you as soon as the campaign begins.

Refrain from posting jobs endlessly. Our sales representative discovery method is faster and more effective than other methods like:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Cold Calling
  • Print Advertisements
  • Job Boards
  • Career Fairs

Find commission-only salespeople or other compensation-structure sales hires in as little as one or two days, not a few months—Call Time to Hire at 818-900-0298 for a free consultation today.

What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

"Time To Hire has come through far above every other site we've attempted. I highly recommend Time to Hire for hiring salespeople as they've been effortless to work with, they're very punctual, and they help you to understand the process and what to expect when recruiting sales reps."

Eric Schickel

Safe and Sound Security Systems

"I didn't have time to subscribe to all the hiring services that post jobs looking for salespeople. With Time To Hire, we've got commission sales reps calling us versus us calling candidates. Last time I did this, I hired two of the best door-to-door salespeople I've got right now, so I'm looking to do that again."

Greg Cannon

Calibur Roofing

Our Goal Is Your Goal

Improve Your Sales Team With Quality Sales Reps

If you’ve found our sales hiring service, you are looking for sales professionals to join your company. When vetted for quality and previous experience, new hires to your sales team can immediately step into your available sales role with the ability to close deals immediately.

Our services’ speed benefits you and the sales professional you choose to employ. When companies can hire sales reps in days, not months, they can get back to selling, which will defray the cost of finding a quality salesperson and increase your sales productivity and revenue potential quickly.

In under 10 minutes, businesses can fill out the necessary information for us to begin the new hire campaign that will bring interested candidates to their phone line or inbox. With a simple company profile and information like job description and previous job requirements, a search can kick off in as little as 1 day. Additional options include searching by location and demographic. So, whether you are looking for someone from the same industry or are ready to bring in a fresh face from elsewhere, we can help. Let’s take the steps together toward greater success for your company.

Resources to Jump-Start Your Sales Rep Search

Even if you have little experience in expanding a sales team, Time To Hire has the internal resources to find the best potential employees from the sales industry for your company. Take a few minutes to read our blog and see the insight and experience we bring to the table.

Click to download our free e-book and read the complete guide to hiring commission-only salespeople. It identifies the most common mistakes in hiring sales reps and establishes the principles of a successful hiring process, including how to answer questions a candidate asks. Build your hiring skills with this free tool without obligation.

You owe it to the success of your business to find and hire sales reps that check all the boxes your business needs – and we are ready to give you that ability. Contact us today!


Call 818-900-0298 or contact us to get a detailed description of our sales hiring service, then fill out a short questionnaire.

We use a proprietary algorithm to search over 100 million resumes to find candidates in your area or nationwide.

We contact likely salespeople on your behalf, notifying them of your opportunity via email and phone.

Interested sales people respond via email and phone instantly, where then you simply call them back and book them into interviews or zoom orientations.

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