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What our clients say

"The Time To Hire recruiting tool is unmatched in its ability to find door to door sales reps and deliver 20-40 highly qualified sales candidates in just 2 days."

Greg Hinrichs
Home Improvement Sales Reps

"I need sales reps and used Time to Hire for the first time and they did a great job. Very professional and fast. A lot better and more solid for recruiting sales reps than CareerBuilder and Indeed."

Jeremy Bosco
Elite Roofing

"My phone rang off hook with outside sales reps. It's been six weeks and I still haven't returned all the was very timely and professional."

Mike Machuga
Urban Luxury Vinyl

"We had used many different sources to find a quality commission sales person and came away pretty frustrated. We hired a number of outside sales reps using this service."

Patrick Lemieux - Soft Flow Water Treatment

"Hiring commission sales reps for insurance sales is incredibly difficult. The $400 I paid you is nothing compared to the amount of time you saved us."

Kristin Kleinschmidt
Designing Benefits

"Before Time To Hire we had challenges evaluating outside sales candidates. I was thrilled with the entire process and can't wait to use it again."

Dave Mullins
Tourbillon Alliance Partners

"Hiring door to door salespeople is a snap with Time To Hire. Recruiting salespeople has never been easier."

Bob Bruce
Affiliated Roofing

"We are very pleased with our campaign to find residential home improvement sales reps in Houston. We would like to launch Atlanta next."

Sean Ansalone
Envy Walk-In Tubs

"Awesome Rose!

Was not expecting such a huge result. Still working my way through the applicants. I will be using Time-to-hire for all of our 100% commissioned sales reps from here on out."

Travis Ganser
Ganser Company

"We were looking for sales people and have worked with various other companies and nothing can compare. We have gotten so many quality door to door salespeople. It was easy and fast."

Garry Crain
Advanced Water Systems

Hire Sales Reps The Best Way

Time To Hire is your best source for hiring commission based, or 100% commission-only sales professionals to grow your business. Time To Hire guarantees that you’ll hire at least one person your first try with us. If not, we’ll do the whole thing again, absolutely free.

Our process works for a variety of industries, including: Inside Sales Reps, Remote Sales Reps, Door to Door Sales Reps, Canvassers, In-Home, B2B sales, technology sales, Outside Sales Reps, Home Improvement, Telemarketers, Sales Managers. We can even find non-sales candidates and support staff. You name it, we’ll find them, and fast!

Easy, Economical, Effective

We know that finding sales professionals to help expand your business is very difficult. That’s why we’ve made our service as simple, inexpensive and efficient as possible.

Using a proven algorithm, we search over 100 million resumes to find qualified sales representatives and contact them about your opportunity. Interested candidates will call or email you directly as soon as the campaign begins.

Stop posting jobs and hire sales reps in as little as one or two days. Call 818-900-0298 for a free consultation today.


"Time to Hire has come through far above every other site that we've attempted. I highly recommend Time to Hire for hiring sales people as they've been very easy to work with, they're very punctual, and they help you to understand the process and what to expect when recruiting sales reps."

Eric Schickel

Safe and Sound Security Systems

"I didn't have time to subscribe to all the hiring services that post jobs looking for sales people. With Time to Hire we've got commission sales reps calling us versus us calling candidates. Last time I did this I hired two of the best door to door salespeople I've got right now so I'm looking to do that again."

Greg Cannon

Calibur Roofing


Call 818-900-0298 or contact us to get a detailed description of our sales hiring service, then fill out a short questionnaire.

We use a proprietary algorithm to search over 100 million resumes to find candidates in your area or nationwide.

We contact likely salespeople on your behalf, notifying them of your opportunity via email and phone.

Interested sales people respond via email and phone instantly, where then you simply call them back and book them into interviews or zoom orientations.

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