Why You Should Consider Paying Your Sales Reps a Base Salary

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It’s an age old conundrum.  If you pay a sales rep a salary, they’re less likely to be motivated.  Offer them 100% commission only and very few are interested. FORTUNE 500 ARE DOING IT Over the years we’ve noticed that all of the very large companies we work with pay a nominal base salary of ... Read More

Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Campaign

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If you’re reading this post you’re probably concerned that we’ll pick the wrong search terms for your campaign, however there’s not much chance of that happening.  Over the last ten years we’ve performed over 30,000 searches for a wide variety of companies. The main reason we ask you to provide keyword terms it to make sure ... Read More

How To Handle Incoming Candidate Calls

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In this blog post, I’m going to give you some general tips on exactly what you might say to door to door sales reps, in-home home improvement sales reps, or really any other type of high turnover commission-based salesperson that may call you as a result of our efforts. If you’re looking to find sales reps ... Read More

Guest Post – A Recruiting Modification

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I’ve always been fascinated by intelligence and generally enjoy the company of people far smarter than me, which is probably a healthy trait for someone in business.  If we can assemble diverse, effective and talented people into a team, we’ll achieve far more than if we try to run a top-down enterprise where the boss ... Read More

Questions to Ask When Hiring Sales People

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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring Sales People A great sales team is the backbone of any successful company. With the right team on your side, you will see an instant improvement in your company’s performance. Hiring the wrong salesperson can have profoundly negative consequences. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what questions to ask to make ... Read More

Your Website Is the New Storefront

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Your Website is the new Storefront The year is 1993.  Meet John.  John owns a small Merchant Services company near Hartford Connecticut. Since the Time To Hire service hasn’t been invented yet, John uses the local newspaper to look for commission-based sales people. John gets quite a few calls and is able to set up quite a ... Read More

How To Measure Distances in Google Maps

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When you utilize our service we ask you to choose a recruiting area.  This usually consists of a single zip code and radius, a single state or the entire United States. As always, we can search additional areas or zip codes in the same campaign at additional cost.  If you choose a zip code or ... Read More

Using Role Playing to Hire Sales People

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While many companies hire sales reps based on candidates’ experience, others find raw talent to be a stronger harbinger of success. But, how do you identify and measure “raw talent” during the hiring process? Austin Merritt, the COO at Software Advice–a website that presents reviews and ratings of software for sales professionals–recently shared how ... Read More

New Intro Video

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We’ve very happy to announce that Sugar Shack Animation has finished our new intro/explanation video! The goal of the video is to help our new clients understand our service more quickly while maintaining our professional image. We think they’ve nailed it! Here’s Sugar Shack Animation’s Promo Video.  Check out their business videos here. Read More

How To Hire Commission Only Sales Reps

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Before you decide to embark on the most challenging hiring choice a company can make, please take the following points into consideration. CONFIRM YOUR BUSINESS MODEL Do you have a short sales cycle?  Commission salespeople typically need to get paid as quickly as possible.  Pay them weekly if you can.  If your business has a ... Read More