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Time to Hire began in 2003 out of simple idea: How can we make hiring commission-based sales people easier? In most cases, turnover is high for sales reps and companies are forced to spend a lot of money on hiring new employees. This is not only inefficient, but it also takes time away from selling in the field and training your existing sales team.

We know it’s not easy to recruit quality sales reps. Newspaper advertising is expensive and ineffective while online job postings are slow and candidates are often unqualified.  We created Time To Hire to provide a better solution to your sales recruitment needs.

Our Mantra

We regularly connect thousands of sales people with companies who are looking to hire positions in door-to-door sales, home improvement sales, in-home residential sales, outside sales, inside sales, and sales management.  Our service also works extremely well for non-sales positions. Packages start at only $399.

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We’re happy to provide more information before we get started.  Fill out a basic contact form or give us a call at 888-447-3001 if you’d like to learn more.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Steve Davis, LJ Stone (Home Improvement)

“I tried paying the extra amount to search through resumes but  the time that it took from me was astronomical.  We were blown away by Time To Hire.  They have become a spigot that gets turned on or off. We’ve made some successful hires and I highly recommend them.”

- Steve Davis, LJ Stone (Home Improvement) Watch Video
Brad Bowles, Assured Pest Control

“Time to Hire is exactly what we were looking for! We found the perfect candidate to run our sales team and help recruit for us.”

- Brad Bowles, Assured Pest Control Watch Video